HydroSuds High-Gloss Hyper Foaming SiO2 Ceramic Car Wash Soap

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How it works
HydroSuds is infused with nano SiO2 that leaves behind ceramic protection and incredible gloss with every wipe of your mitt. HydroSuds offers a good level of protection alone, leaving a silica-rich film behind that helps repel water, dirt, and other pollutants, keeping your car cleaner longer. Use it on a non-coated car to add water beading properties, or on a coated car to revitalize your ceramic coating with a simple wash and dry

Uleash Suds Like You've Never Seen
Shoot thick foam like you’ve never seen before with HydroSuds, then watch as the unbelievably thick foam sticks hard to your paint, gently encapsulating the abrasive dirt and grime and guiding it off your paintwork for an ultra-glossy scratch-free finish. This advanced hyper-concentrated formula only requires 1 – 2oz to generate truly incredible amounts of thick foams suds in your foam cannon, gun, or bucket

Extend The Life Of Your Ceramic Coat
HydroSuds is mixed with SiO2, the main ingredient in ceramic coats, which revitalizes your coating by simply washing your car. The perfect aftercare soap, HydroSuds improves durability, gloss, and beading of any existing ceramic coating, sealant, or wax. Just 1-2oz of this hyper foaming formula helps maximize the life of your coating while refreshing the look and leaving behind a glass-like finish.

How to use it
- Shake well and add 1 - 3 oz to 5 gallon bucket or 32 oz solution tank of foam cannon or gun.
- Pre-rinse vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris.
- Foam cannon or gun: spray vehicle with thick wash foam to protect the paint against swirls and scratches.
- Wash surface with wash mitt and soapy solution.
- Rinse using clean water for perfect shine.
- Dry with a premium microfiber towel.

Important Notes:
Always start by washing the tires and wheels first.
Do not use the same wash water on your car's paint as you do on your tires and wheels.
Always wash vehicle when surface is cool.

Caution - manufactured for professionals. Keep out of reach of children. If first aid is required while using this product see the product label for further instructions and contact a physician immediately.

Part Number CWS21216
UPC 842850104404
Size 473ml
Top Ketchup top
Dilution 1 ounce to 4-5 gallons of water
Scent Grape
Color Purple
Applicable Materials Painted Surfaces
Applicable Locations Exterior
Car Finishes Gloss
Product Form Liquid
Shine Preference High
Weight 1.3 lbs / Gram
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes

Why Buy This Product?
- Recharge your ceramic coating.
- Shoot incredible suds like you’ve never seen.
- Leave behind SiO2 protection.
- Save time by washing and protecting in one step.
- Reveal amazing gloss and shine.

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